More resources for reo Māori input

More resources for reo Māori input

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Kia ora,

When learning any language, both input (consuming, watching, listening, reading) and output (using, speaking, writing) are really important - you can read more about this in our blog post here.

We're just popping in to let you know that we've added to our lists of reo Māori rauemi (resources) available as free downloads. We've compiled lists of rauemi that have been/are still helpful for us as learners of te reo Māori, with hyperlinks in the PDFs to digital rauemi. The new lists we've added are: pānui/things to read, taupānga/apps to download and pae tukutuku/websites to visit

Let us know in a comment below if you have any favourite reo Māori rauemi that we've missed and we'll add it in to our next edition!

Click on the images below to download the rauemi lists.

Pae Tukutuku - Free downloadPānui - Free download
Taupānga - Free downloadMātaki - Free download
Whakarongo - Free download

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