Together through Te Reo

About Us

Whether you, your team or your organisation are connecting with us to learn the Māori language, gain or grow understanding around tikanga Māori or learn about a Māori worldview, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Story

Reo Māori Mai is a kaupapa born out of one woman’s drive to reclaim the language lost to her whānau for generations. 

Ariana Stevens has moved through the world as a teenager who rejected her Māori whakapapa to become the founder and director of a successful reo Māori revitalisation and education pakihi. 

In 2017, this Māmā of two began working out of her home to deliver bespoke reo Māori lessons - from introductory levels right through to immersion - for individuals, companies, NGOs and government organisations. 

Several years later, the tīma has expanded and so too has the range of services Reo Māori Mai offer, allowing us to work with more people on more kaupapa. 

Our Services

We don’t claim to be experts on all things Māori, but we do have a pretty good handle on a few things, and we’ll work together to understand what you need from us.

Our mahi is all about creating growth and change together. We offer classes and workshops for individuals, businesses, communities and educators to learn te reo Māori, and grow an understanding of the tikanga and wider context that te reo sits within. We also create resources, provide Māori to English and English to Māori translation services, and offer strategic consultation services.

Because some of the mahi we do can be a bit taumaha/heavy for us as practitioners, and it all feeds into discourses that impact us as a nation, it’s really important we work with people who want to be there too. We believe in aligning with one another’s values in order to create growth and change together. 

What our clients are saying

Great delivery style. Mixture of fun, history, serious content and games. Can recommend to any businesses thinking about jumping on this journey. From the perspective of someone for whom this is their first experience of learning te reo, I feel we are moving at a good pace and I am personally starting to understand things in a broader sense. Tāniora creates a captivating, encouraging, engaging and comfortable learning environment.

– Geoff Taylor, Sharepoint Snr Systems Analyst, Fulton Hogan