Learning te reo - more input is a must!

Learning te reo - more input is a must!

How can you increase your consumption of te reo Māori? Knowing that this will also help with the reo you are able to produce...

One of the things I've noticed over the years working with adults who are learning te reo Māori, is that people often want to jump straight to output of te reo: what can I say? What can I write? What can I use? 

And this is awesome! It can be a sign of passion and commitment to not just learning te reo, but also to using reo as often as possible. 

However.... it's also important to consider the input of reo you have. What are you consuming (reading, listening to, watching) to help increase and improve the quantity and quality of reo you can produce? 

We've put together some lists of things which we think are helpful - the first ones (mātaki/ things to watch, and whakarongo/things to listen) to are available for download. We've got a list of things to read coming soon! 

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