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Live with Reo Māori Mai is a subscription based online whānau, made up of people who are committed to learning and living te reo Māori. This is a space for consistency and growth, but - to be honest - I’m hoping this is for people who are playing a long game when it comes to te reo. Live with Reo Māori Mai is open to Māori and non-Māori alike, if the kaupapa and offerings resonate for you then you are welcome (and if we're not your kaputī, there's no pressure to stay!). 

Ahakoa he iti and all that e hoa mā, we want to keep taking the next smallest step alongside you for as long as it takes, and we want to grow a tight crew in the process. With a strong focus on learning stuff that is meaningful and useful, and learning in a way that works for you (and for us). 

What is 'Live with Reo Māori Mai'?

Ariana and the team at Reo Māori Mai will deliver live lessons via our private Facebook group. There will be live videos each week, as well as posts with resources or reo related ideas to check out, and a summary of reo shared to help consolidate what we cover. Videos will range from 5mins - 20 mins, and will be available to view after the live recording, so it’s no worries if you miss us live! 

As well as our videos, we’ll also provide support materials and be there to answer questions, provide tautoko, share resource ideas and learning strategies, and to hear what it is that you’re interested in learning so we can tailor our content as much as possible. 

Come and join our whānau! 

(We're also working on options for adding subtitles and/or providing transcripts to make our community accessible to our deaf community. If you would like to be kept updated with this please email us here.)

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