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Are you part of a group or community who have an interest or passion for learning more about te reo Māori and te ao Māori (Māori perspectives)? 

We have years of experience tailoring our workshops and classes to suit the needs of a range of groups. We’ve had great feedback from participants who have left feeling informed and empowered, and from organisers who have valued our high level of communication and professionalism. 

Whai mai!​

We encourage you to check out our Insta and Facebook for regular offerings of te reo you could use on a daily basis. 

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Movement to learn te reo Māori

You can also join our mailing list here to be the first to know when new resources are available, and get access to our pānui where we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for learning te reo, and showcasing great resources to support you. 

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Passionate about te reo.

If you are interested in having a kōrero about how we may be able to work together, please contact us here. 

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